At Figured'Art we want to make art accessible to all, that's why we have created partnerships with painters as well as with painting workshops in different countries to offer you a large variety that will beautify your home interior.

Ideal to add a touch of art and give a style of your own to your home, some oil paintings are enough to transform the atmosphere of your living rooms.

Discover here our collection including personal works of artists, replicas of master paintings, as well as an offer of customized paintings at unbeatable prices

Our paintings and replicas are made with oil or acrylic paint by experienced artists who specialize in works on canvas. These original paintings reveal the brushstrokes and textures of oil painting.

Discover our collection in black and white which really defines contrasts and enjoy a new angle of animals, landscapes and provocative slogans. Let yourself be seduced by our portraits of women who illustrate femininity and whose colors create a special atmosphere like Street Art. Also find replicas of master paintings with colors and textures faithful to the original paintings.

Finally, we offer a tailor-made offer from your personal photos! As simple as this: choose your preferred format, send us your photo and we take care of the rest! You will receive your personalized painting at your door step!

Our paintings and prints are made to order by professional workshops, painters and experienced copyists.